Workshop: Working with trauma (using Imagery Rescripting) in people with psychosis or hearing voices

Dr Georgie Paulik-White (clinical psychologist & Clinical Director, Perth Voices Clinic) is running a live and interactive online workshop on treating trauma in people with psychosis and/or voices on Monday 19th Feb 2024.

About this workshop:

This unique workshop will provide you with skills in the assessment, formulation, and treatment for working with trauma/PTSD in individuals with psychosis or who hear voices, with training specifically in the delivery of Imagery Rescripting.  This workshop includes live education modules, videos, case illustrations, demonstrations of therapy techniques, small group discussions, and opportunities for experiential role plays in Zoom breakout rooms.

This workshop is designed to meet the needs of psychologists, social workers, counsellors, and mental health professionals who have some prior training and experience working with trauma and/or voices or psychosis.

Please see the flyer attached or contact Georgie on for more details and registration.