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  • Perth Voices Clinic: Therapies 

    Perth Voices Clinic offers different evidence-based psychological treatments for voice hearers which run in the format of Individual Therapy & Group Therapy. Here you can learn about each of the approaches including a new evidence-based trauma therapy called Imagery Rescripting.

  • Intervoice (International Hearing Voices Project) 

    A charity in the UK that supports the International Hearing Voices Movement by connecting people, sharing ideas, distributing information, highlighting innovative initiatives, encouraging high quality respectful research and promoting its values across the world.

  • Voice Hearers of Australia 

    a website devoted to linking voice hearers across Australia and tracking the progress of the Australian Hearing Voices Establishment Project (AVHEP), an initiative investigating the possibility of establishing a national Hearing Voices Organization in Australia.

  • Hearing Voices Network Western Australia (HVNWA) 

    A Richmond Wellbeing program that is part of the global Hearing Voices Movement. HVNWA is a resource for people living in Western Australia who hear voices and experience other unusual perceptions, offering a place for the voice-hearing community to access relevant information, training, and hearing voices support groups.

  • The Voices Clinic 

    A specialist psychological treatment and research clinic in Melbourne for people who hear voices or have similar experiences.

  • Compassion for Voices 

    A website to support and promote compassionate approaches to voices and other experiences.

  • SANE Australia 

    A national charity helping all Australians affected by mental illness.

  • The National Empowerment Center, 

    An organization run by people who have recovered from major mental illness. Their mission is to change the mental health system so that it truly supports recovery.  Their website provides lots of FREE info! You can also order stuff from their online store, including the useful booklet Coping with Voices:  Self-help strategies for people who hear voices that are distressing, by Patricia E. Deegan, Ph.D., illustrated By Carolyn Affa.

  • The Black Dog Institute 

    A translational research institute that aims to reduce the incidence of mental illness and the stigma around it, to actively reduce suicide rates and empower everyone to live the most mentally healthy lives possible





Training Centres in Western Australia

  • Perth Voices Clinic 

    We host and run a number of useful workshops to assist in your personal and professional development. Please follow the Perth Voices Clinic on Facebook for updates on workshops run by or hosted by Perth Voices Clinic.

  • Richmond Wellbeing 

    The home-base for the Hearing Voices Network Western Australia (HVNA), Richmond Wellbeing provides a range of courses, training and events to assist you in your professional or personal development. They work to spread positive and hopeful messages about the experience of hearing voices and acceptance of all individual differences.

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