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How It Works

Anyone can refer to the Perth Voices Clinic. We encourage you - the voice hearer - to call to make your first appointment.

However, we request that you receive a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP or psychiatrist with a referral to the Perth Voices Clinic (clinical psychology) prior to your first appointment.

If you have already used your 10 psychology sessions covered by Medicare for the financial year, then you should still bring a GP referral letter to your first appointment (but a Mental Health Care Plan will not be required, as you will be allocated to a provisional psychologist). Every Australian citizen is eligible for 10 individual psychology sessions and 10 group psychology sessions per calendar year.

We are also NDIS registered. If you have an NDIS plan in place, discuss with your NDIS coordinator adding psychological therapy to your plan. Once this has been done, your NDIS plan will cover the cost of the sessions.


The service is fully bulk billed so Medicare or NDIS covers the cost of your sessions. There are no out of pocket fees.