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Perth Voices Clinic

The Perth Voices Clinic

is a psychological treatment, teaching
and research clinic for people who hear
voices or have other unusual
perceptual experiences.

It also provides a facility for advanced training of future clinical
psychologists and other mental health professionals.

What we provide

  • A detailed assessment of your voice hearing experience, advice and options for therapy at the clinic and elsewhere.
  • Individual therapy - usually Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) or Imagery Rescripting (for people who report a trauma history), although following their completion some individuals may elect to do other approaches, such as Relating Therapy (see the therapies tab for more information).
  • Group therapy - Person-Based Cognitive Therapy (combining mindfulness and CBT).
  • Neuropsychological assessments, conducted at the Murdoch Psychology Clinic.
  • The option to participate in research on voice hearing (and related) experiences, including routine evaluation of the effectiveness of therapies provided at the clinic (see the research tab for more information).

All the therapies that we offer are evidence-based. This means that they have been shown to significantly decrease voice-related distress. Therapy will be provided or supervised by Dr Georgie Paulik-White – a registered clinical psychologist – who has extensive experience delivering and developing psychological therapies for voice hearers.

The Perth Voices Clinic works closely with the Hearing Voices Network and can provide information on hearing voices support groups. With your consent, your therapist will provide feedback to your health care providers at the beginning, middle and end of therapy.

Who is eligible for
our services

The Perth Voice Clinic aims to be highly accessible to everyone. No diagnosis is required, and you do not need to be receiving other services or treatments. We just ask that you be linked in with a GP.

The clinic is currently seeing youth and adults (16 years+ at Murdoch site, and 12-25 years at Midland Headspace site).

The clinic is not set up to provide crisis or medical management. Therapy sessions take place alongside your usual treatment (if you are receiving any). If you are in mental health or situation crisis, or at risk of hurting yourself or others, you will be redirected to local mental health services, but can be re-referred to the Perth Voices Clinic at a later time.

Our research

The Perth Voices Clinic supports research into voice hearing (and related) experiences, including routine evaluation of the effectiveness of the psychological interventions provided at the clinic. Individuals attending the clinic will have the option to join us in improving our services for all voice hearers.

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How it works

Anyone can refer to the Perth Voices Clinic. We encourage you - the voice hearer - to call to make your first appointment. However, we request that you receive a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP or psychiatrist with a referral to the Perth Voices Clinic (clinical psychology) prior to your first appointment.

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